Egg is Horn

Place : Usine-4, Place de Volontaires (organized by Cave12), Geneva, Switzerland
Date : 15 December 2008
Guest : Patrick McGinley (murmer)
Co-star : Lau Nau

Our guest Partrick McGinley should be well known in experimental music world, especially among the people who love 'Field Recording', not only as an artist but also as an organizer of a web radio program "framework", which is a part of "resonance104.4fm" since 2002.
He used to (still?) play percussions as a member of a traditional Irish music band. I've been wishing to involve him in my musical project as a percussionist, since I had witnessed it during the stay at an artist-in-residence in Estonia called "Moks" in summer 2006.
He also studied to be a clown at a school in Paris and had acted as a stage-actor. I think he had quite nice gnomish presence on the stage during our performance.
Here is the short video of the performance (QuickTime is required) >>

Patrick and me performed with Lau Nau at "Moks" in same summer, and visited them in Finland afterwards. So, it was also really nice re-union with them. Although we didn't have chance to play music together this time, could spend good time together for a few days.

Excerpt from the performance (03:30 - 4.4mb)

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