framework radio 500th edition memorial compilation


asmus tietchens, dallas simpson, eric cordier, felicity ford, jeph jerman, keith berry, keith de mendonca, loren chasse, max šenteļevs, maria balabas, martin clarke, matteo uggeri, peter cusack, scott sherk, eamon sprod, emmanuel mieville, jean-luc guionnet, jez riley-french, jim haynes, joel stern, jonathan coleclough, ben owen, kodama, phill niblock, richard garet, simon whetham, thomas tilly, toy.bizarre

our track "cauldron" is include in the compilation.
the organiser of framework: patrick mcginley(murmer) also plays in the track as a special guest


c45 cassette tape

album title: phxa

track list: side a: 1. archaea (10:32), 2. photon (12:06), side b: Phxa (22:31)

omnimemento edition

format: c46 cassette tape (w/ mp3, wav file download coad)

cover: 315gsm card stock, hand printed silk-screen

number: omnimemento cassette edition: limited 50 (numbered on a card)

catalog number: om 15

issue: november 2014

digital file edition

format: 16 bit wav or 256 kbps mp3

issue: february 2015

neurec edition

format: c46 cassette tape

cover: semi-transparent japanese paper, inkejet, p-case

number: limited 100 (1st edition 45)

catalog number: neurec-px

issue: december 2014

a1, recorded 2009 at 'la pommerie' in limousin, france
a2, recorded 2006 in liege, belgium
b1, recorded 2006 at 'bains::connective' in brussels, belgium
all titles, edited 2014:
by michael northam at the barnacle, rogue valley, oregon
by hitoshi kojo at soranean, marolles, belgium

192kbps mp3 sample

side a1: archaea

side a2: photon

side b: phxa

participants in the peformance:
julie david, fred marbaix, phil begg, bobin eirth and two other dancers