sound installation + live sound action + audio cdr

15 - 30 october 2004 / sound installation

les abri - theatre arsenic / lausanne (switzerland)

15 october 2007 / live sound action

guest performers: kiyoharu kuwayama, rina kijima, jane remm

::: animated document of the action :::

The player will show in this paragraph

"les chambres nuageuses" was an sound installation and performance which took place in the six rooms of an anti-nuclear shelter in lausanne, switzerland.

our intention for this project was to built a sort of metaphysical labyrinth throughout all of the spaces by using a combination of sound diffusion (on 24 channels) as well as assemblages of artifacts presented in six themes for each room: a room of naked minimalism, a room of the branches and shadows, a room of a bright subsonic dream, two rooms micro-tonally interlocked in fog and color and a final room of darkness where we ended the work in an intimate improvised performance.

the edited recording of the performance was offered to a radio programm "espace 2" in lausanne by their request, and was published later from kojo's label "octpia".