12" record

album title: turning leaf migrations

format: 12" record + insert

label: olde english spelling bee

catalog number: oesb#18

issue: january 2009

extract 1 - seedlings from the terraced lakeside

extract 2 - uprooting mycelium in the night forest

extract 3 - rose on top and sang to the stars

turning leaf migrations chronology

- text from the insert


(00:00) there were seedlings from the terraced lakeside - doppled sprouting points
(05:04) where winters and springs
(09:10) where beginnings and endings met and these things stuck inside of each other like honey drops.*1
(10:00) uprooting mycelium in the night forest of 'grmade' we spoke with the bubilant sage
(12:31) while we crawled our dance around a fungus stump courting the tiny folks to come and play...*2

*1 sessions from epesses, switzerland - november 2005 & march 2006
*2 sessions on grmade hill near to ljubljana, slovenia - september 2006


(00:00) wandering around inside of 'ourea' we blew into the breathing of the stochastic rushing water*3
(02:20) and once again, the mirror was too steamed to cross the voracious throat
(03:14) that even falling couldn't forge a path to send back the frozen land.
(06:00) that sleeping river has seen the bombs that just sank into its phlegmatic walls.*4
(08:06) backing up into a cultural ditch we slobbered through the din of the alcoholics' babble*5
(09:26) hiding out in shelters where we bounced the wireless in circles, back on top of itself-so much so that the water didn't come in.*6
(10:24) we waved our leaves over broken branches piled on top of each other endlessly to obscure the spring*7
(12:27) where even once we slept by the arctic o cean when cloud drops bounced on our strings.*8
(14:14) we rose on top and sang to the stars-so far that the differences were yet to been seen...*9

*3 recordings from niagara falls in canada - october 2007
*4 session in berlin, germany - september 2006 with 'co caspar'
*5 live concert at 'fri-son' fribourg, switzerland - february 2005
*6 sessions in 'les abris' anti-nucular of 'theatre arsenic' in lausanne, swtzerland - october 2004
*7 at johannes dimpflmeier's house in tuscania in italy in november 2004
*8 camping on lofoten island, norway - august in 2004
*9 camping session at mt. cheseau, switzerland - september 2004 with theodore holdt