Honey for the Ears

Place : MoKS, Mooste (Estonia)
Date : 22 August 2009
Co-stars : Pekko Käppi (FIN), Kago (EE), Kirtana Rasa (EE), Pastacas and Mari Kalkun (EE), twowho (FIN)

After visiting musician friends in several places in Finland, we participated in 6 days art symposium AVAMAA09 at Moks in Estonia.

Moks is an 'artist in residence' which is organized by Hitoshi's friends Evelyn Müürsepp and John Grzinich since 2001.
They organize quite intersting large-scale art symposium every summer. When Hitoshi participated in 2006, it was held for 16 days!

On the last day, they organized a live concert event "Honey for the Ears" with 6 groups of musicians.
Since we had already made nice recording sessions with one of the participants "twowho" when we visited them in Helsinki, we made a collaborative part with them in the concert. Also Patrick McGinley partly joined us to perform a theatrical piece "Egg is Horn" that we made together when he participated in our concert in Geneva in December 2008.

Excerpt from the performance (09:43 - 13.4mb)

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