Jüppala Kääpiö (literally "woops" in Swiss-French and "gnome" in Finnish) is a Swiss/Japanese duo formed in 2006 by Carole and Hitoshi Kojo. They are settled in Belgium since 2011 after living in Switzerland, Japan, Canada and Mongolia.
The duo uses various folk/ethnic instruments, handmade devices, found objects, field recordings and voices. They delicately weave them into colorful and textural organic sound tapestries through electric devices. This hybrid style crosses over various fields which would be described as cosmopolitan folk, psychedelic drone, authorial ambient, atmospheric noise, psychic field recordings… However, the inspiration has always been derived from the nature and the supernatural on the earth.
Their recordings have been mostly released by their own label omnimemento, except two cassette releases from Peasant Magik (USA) and Lal Lal Lal (Finland). Their later titles from omnimemento are presented in crafted packages made by themselves, which are also a vital part of their work.

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Carole Kojo is a book lover (professional librarian), a needleworker, a singer and primarily plays viola in Jüppala Kääpiö.
Her handmade stuffed-animal/spirit and other figures are deeply related to the world of Jüppala Kääpiö, so that the works have been featured in the album cover of Jüppala Kääpiö since the beginning.
Her sensitivity for contemporary folk music and European classical music creates an unique reaction to Hitoshi's sensitivity for ethnic music and abstract sound, which also gives intimacy to their experimental approach.
She also played viola as a member of In Gowan Ring during his tour in 2006.

Hitoshi Kojo has worked with multiple media, such as music composition, installation, performance, painting, sculpture, video, photo and those mixtures since late 80's. His work has been lately getting focused on music composition and the release of those recordings via his own label omnimemento (formerly Octpia until 2006).
His recordings have also been released by various experimental music labels such as Drone Records (Germany), Mystery Sea (Belgium), Kaon, Taâlem (France), Helen Scarsdale Agency, Alluvial Recordings, Olde Spelling English Bee(USA), etc. Several early works were released by aliases, mostly as Spiracle until 2010.
He has been also working with other artists such as Michael Northam(as Kodama), Yannick Dauby, Jonathan Coleclough, Colin Potter, Paul Bradley, Emmanuel Holterbach, The New Blockaders, Uton, My Cat Is An Alien and so on.

Past activities

2014 Nov

Black Blossom (w/ My Cat Is An Alien) / CDR, Cassette / omnimemento (Belgium), Neurec (Japan)

2014 Nov

Landing Clouds / Cassette, File / omnimemento (Belgium), Neurec (Japan)

2014 Aug 16

Cumbria Concert / Concert / Parish Rooms, Ulverston (England)

2014 Apr

Zakuro / Rutsubo (w/ Jani Hirvonen, Valérie Magisson) / CD / omnimemento (Belgium)

2014 Jan

Passage / Concert / Café Central : Brussels (Belgium)

2013 Oct

Marolles Home Concert / Concert / Chez Kojo : Brussels (Belgium)

2013 Oct

Alpen Ocean / LP / omnimemento (Belgium)

2013 July

The Other Side of Sarfsalo / Compilation / File / 267 lattajjaa (Finland)

2013 Aug 23

Aarhus Sound Festival / Festival, Concert / Institut for (X), Aarhus (Denmark)

2013 Apr 19

Mental Alaska - Lal Lal Lal Festival IV / Festival, Concert / Vapaan Taiteen Tila : Helsinki, Titanik-Galleria : Turku, Westers : Kemiö (Finland)

2013 Apr 19

Owlora Muskaria / Cassette / Lal Lal Lal (Finland)

2012 Dec

Rewound Groves / CD / omnimemento (Belgium)

2012 Feb

Animalia Corolla / CD / omnimemento (Belgium)

2011 Apr

Three Days of Struggle 4 / Festival, Concert / Codalunga : Vittorio Veneto,
Malacarne : Verona (Italy)

2010 Dec

Animalia Corolla / Concert / Cinema Oblò : Lausanne (Switzerland)

2010 Nov

Tomentum Totem / Cassette / Peasant Magik (USA)

2010 Aug

Ullakkopalo / Participation in Kemialliset Ystävät / LP/CD / Fonal Records (Finland)

2010 May

Rainbow Mask / 12" Vinyl / omnimemento (Switzerland)

2010 May

Sporing Promenade / CD / omnimemento (Switzerland)

2010 Feb 12

A Centre of Steam / Concert / Dampfzentrale : Bern (Switzerland)

2009 Dec 15

The Animated Sea / Performance with drawings and short animated movies of Stefano Ricci / Teatro Comandini : Cesena (Italy)

2009 Oct 24

Favre Concert / Concert / Maison de Champittet : Yverdon (Switzerland)

2009 Aug 22

Honey for the Ears / Art Symposium, Concert / Moks : Mooste (Estonia)


Crows of the World Vol.2 / Compilation / CD / Last Visible Dog Records (USA)

2008 Dec 15

Eggishorn / Concert / Guest: Patrick McGinley, Co-star: Lau Nau / Cave12 (l'usine) : Genève (Switzerland)

2008 Dec 05

Marriage / with an improvisation scene and crazy kids playing / Lausanne (Switzerland)

2008 Apr

Found-Sound Workshop / Khovd University : Khovd (Mongolia)

2008 Mar - Jul

Stay in Mongolia

2007 Sep 29

Fiesta Gnomesque 2 / Concert / Souffle : Montréal (Canada)

2007 Aug - Dec

Stay in Canada

2007 Jun 29

Skype Fiesta Gnomesque / Skype Concert / Bridge : Osaka (Japan)

2007 Jun 23

Fiesta Gnomesque 1 / Concert / Fête de la Musique : Genève (Switzerland)

2006 Sep

Rainbow Mask / First recording sessions / Genève (Switzerland)

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