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Jüppala Kääpiö

Track List: 1. Kusabira (7:00), 2. Auroral Morass (10:23), 3. Morning Star (8:37), 4. Moonbow (8:28)

Format: c35 cassette tape
Cover: digital offset
Number: limited edition: numbered 100 copies
Issue: 19 april 2013
Label: Lal Lal Lal
Catalog Number: lal51


Direct sale: omnimemento shop (Belgium), 日本版
Lal Lal Lal (Finland)

Europe : Volcanic Tongue (Scotland), Shining Day (England), Ikuisuus (Finland)


Edition of 100 copies cassette from the magical duo of Japanese drone visionary Hitoshi Kojo and Carole Kojo: a series of repeat minimalist workings that marry the occult woodland feel of Spencer Clark’s Monopoly Child cassettes with Moon’s Milk-era Coil and Terry Riley’s all-night flights.

October 2013
Volcanic Tongue

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