Jüppala Kääpiö

Track List: Side A: Rainbow Mask (19:14), Side B: Masked Rainbow (18:38)

Format: 12"(Colour/Clear)vinyl, 33rpm, 180g
Cover: 3mm spine, offset, 280g
Number: Solid Orange: Limited 200, Clear Transplarent: Limited 250
Issue: May 2010
Label: omnimemento
Catalog number: om02


Direct sale: omnimemento (Belgium), 日本版

EU: Bimbo Tower (France), Drone Records (Germany), Shining Day (England), Shiny Beast (Holland), Soundohm (Italy)
USA: Aquarius Records, Experimedia
Japan: Disk Union


As if suddenly switching on, Jüppala Kääpiö’s “Rainbow Mask” starts its thorny way along the listener’s ear tract, and, transformed into the other energetic form, reaches the brain, making it shiver with unearthly vibrations and shine with inconceivable kind of inner light.
Honestly, this album represents a gripping psychedelic experience, made of unfolding synthesized sounds, guitar drones, voices, constituting a rather organic texture, with the effect of expansion and overall penetration, as if it is a choir of some extraterrestrial beings, whose mantric singing blends in to a massive, rainbow and radiant flow.
The entire album definitely possesses some kind of magnetism or gravitation, for the tracks’ moods are able to cleanse you of various vain thoughts, occupying the liberated mental space with magic droning energy. So, try Jüppala Kääpiö’s “Rainbow Mask” on.

18 April 2011, agniworld

Edition of 250 copies LP from the magical duo of Japanese cosmonaut Hitoshi Kojo (Kodama et al) and Carole Kojo: two mind-blowing side-long workings that use heavily processed viola and vocals to generate the kind of endless headspace of Terry Riley’s all-night flights, with a hyper dense, microtonally overloaded ascension feel that touches on the whole Nitsch/Palestine feel for extended ritual drama while extrapolating what sounds like a melange of Cale’s famous organ solo on Sister Ray and the closing section of “Black Angel’s Death Song”.
Over on the flip the feel is more Europe Endless, with glacial string drones and piano marrying baroque psychoactive bows of coruscating tone magic and the feel of a slow motion/orchestral Neu/Harmonia free-floating high above the autobahn.
Totally stunning, another peerless side of higher mind from this amazing duo.

November 2013, Volcanic Tongue

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