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Alpen Ocean

Jüppala Kääpiö

Track list: Side A: Alpen Ocean (20:27), Side B: Atlantic Alps (19:07)

Format: 12" vinyl, 33rpm
Cover: 3mm spine 280g, offset
Number: limited 250
Issue: october 2013
Label: omnimemento
Catalog number: om09

Special edition

Extra CD-R track list: 1. Alpen Ocean (20:27), 2. Atlantic Alps (19:07)
3. Dragonfly Whirlpool (11:31), 4. Meteor (7:35)

Format: CD-R, pigment stamp
CD-R Cover: 300 gsm cardstock, hand printed silkscreen, pigment stamp
Outer cover: cardboard, stencil
Number: limited 30 (numbered)

Digital file edition



ALPEN OCEAN is the final recording of Carole Kojo (Swiss) and Hitoshi Kojo (Japanese) that they left behind as Jüppala Kääpiö, whilst resident in Switzerland.

The sound sources are rather familiar instruments and materials for us such as voices, handmade instruments, viola, organic materials and field recordings. However, the style has evolved to a hybrid of our early style: an intense harmonic drone music that has appeared in RAINBOW MASK, and another phase which might be termed as a cosmopolitan ethnic music, that has been archived in later recordings such as OWLORA MUSKARIA and ANIMALIA COROLLA.

The overlaid harmonies of a murmuring of trees, howling skies, roarings of the ocean and the gradual transformation that is accompanied by melodies may remind you of migratory birds travelling across the sky on a lost ancient continent, or the dream of sea animals that are in eternal slumber in a ridge of mountains.
This piece would be one of a high-water mark by Jüppala Kääpiö who have looked for sound which resonates throughout time and space, whilst regarding a life-size reality that is rooted on the earth.

This release is a limited edition of 250 copies. 30 copies of the special edition in a stencil design box includes an extra cd-r that contains same tracks with the LP and two unreleased tracks from our early period.

Since the move to Belgium where is a foreign county for both of us in 2011, we are investigating a passage to our next chapter in the new environment.

Hitoshi Kojo October 2013


Voices from Listeners

The "Alpen Ocean" is outstanding again!!!!!! When I hear it for the first time I could't believe to my ears and sensors. This is the MOST PURE, CLEAR sound of the AIR and Water blended together which I know.

I know I already said that so many times but for me each new title of Juppala Kaapio is jumping to the new level.

I can use "Alpen Ocean" in many ways: at the early morning(4.30am) on the way to work when London is still covered by night and fog, a specially when I have to cross the Thames river. Afternoons its help me to come down and control, During the nights to explore new places, dimensions.
And now when my back is throbbing and painful "Alpen Ocean" apart from my lovely wife Gosia and daughter Maja its the best healer. Its POWERFUL SHAMANIC force which somehow is better than any medicine...mean its the best medicine, My BIGGEST THANK YOU to BOTH of YOU.

Marek Nawrot (Shining Day) October 2013

I think Alpen Ocean is really like a pinnacle of the music you have done so far with Carole and I hear all the ingredients of past releases you made, but something is so refined here and it sounds very spiritual and devotional music. The sound texture is very organic and the way that the vocals can fuse to the instruments is really beautiful.

André Lointain November 2013


Mesmeric new long-form drone work from some of the goddamn masters of the form, Juppala Kaapio aka Japanese cosmonaut Hitoshi Kojo (Kodama et al) and Carole Kojo, reputedly their final working: this is a set to swoon by, just heart-breakingly beautiful violin fragments that sound like Henry Flynt teasing moon’s milk from a cluster of softly beating stars re-worked for maximum far-off swoon appeal by William Basinski.
Going beyond even Pelt’s vision of hillbilly minimalism, Alpen Ocean floats all the way out through skies full of bird call, slow-motion sunrises, indecipherable unknown tongues and what Kojo terms “cosmopolitan ethnic music”.
Fans of Coil circa Queens Of The Circulating Library, Taj Mahal Travellers, Axolotl’s Telesma et al pretty much need to hear this, the perfect long –form environmental drone vision and one of the deepest head spins of the year.

Volcanic Tongue November 2013

An omniMEMENTO indeed, the duo of Carole and Hitoshi Kojo migrating from Switzerland for Belgium leave us a swan song of preternatural power drone. Fertile sound creation blending field recordings, electronics, handmade instruments and the human voice; so a babbling brook is stirred by the same force that makes viola strings sway.

On “Alpen Ocean” their voices are like monks, praying to unseen birds (and reminiscent of the queen of Monks: Meredith). Waves of flanger course through this track, which at 12 1/2 minutes undergoes a sea change, the waves then come less frequently, but speckled synth dots the skies. When the voices return they take the form of winds before vanishing.
On the “flip” side, we have “Atlantic Alps” where the buzz drone of flies marries with vox angeli to create a sonic afterlife that is both peaceful and unsettling. By the end though, bells ring and clouds part and the gradual transformation is complete.

Overall the harmony of man and woman, of analog and digital, of organic and synthetic is striking here, even more beautiful than the packaging.

Thurston Hunger (KFJC) November 2013

So lovely is the work of Juppala Kaapio! That said, we must sadly report that the Japanese / Swiss, husband-and-wife duo have stated that Alpen Ocean will be their final album under the guise of Juppala Kaapio. Another project is in the works, and they are planning to unveil whatever this may be sometime in 2014.

Many of the drone-clad works we champion hedge their bets with the power of the darkside; but there are plenty of choice examples of rapturous, celestial tones and holy minimalism that seek to enlighten rather than darken the consumers' mind. Juppala Kaapio's small catalogue of lovingly crafted minimalism figures somewhere between the summer solstice nature jams of the Finnish freak-folk types and the twinkling harmonics of Terry Riley and LaMonte Young.

As for Alpen Ocean, a brightly hued psychedelia of a sunburst and snowblind tableau is rendered through the wide-eyed sense of awe and wonder after calmly sipping a cup of psilocybin mushroom tea. Carole Kojo's delicate falsettos waver into a meditative chorale through tape loops and delay amidst the slow kaleidoscopic arrangements of chiming bells, bowed gongs, glassy electronics, and a few pastoral field recordings thrown in for good measure.
It all comes together into bright, rapturous drones that Juppala Kaapio's Hitoshi Kojo describes as "overlaid harmonies of a murmuring of trees, howling skies, roarings of the ocean and the gradual transformation that are accompanied by melodies which may remind you of migratory birds travelling across the sky on a lost ancient continent, or the dream of sea animals that are in eternal slumber in a ridge of mountains."

Aquarius Records November 2013

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