Jüppala Kääpiö

Track list: Side A: 1. Sylphid (9:35), 2. Suntongue (9:05)
Side B: 1. Hooves Dale (13:06), 2. Landing Clouds (7:35)

omnimemento edition
Format: C45 cassette tape (incl. download code) / Digital file
Cover: Cardboard, Hand printed silk-screen
Number: Limited 30 copies (numbered on a card)
Issue: November 2014

Digital file edition
Format: 16 bit wav / 256 kbps mp3
Issue: February 2015

Neurec edition
Format: C45 cassette tape
Cover: Japanese paper, Inkjet print, P-case
Number: Limited 100 copies (1st edition: 45 copies)
Issue: December 2014

Side A recorded 2014, Side B recorded 2013 in Brussels Belgium

+ digital file download
+ omnimemento cassette version: shining day
+ inquiry about the neurec version


A new Jüppala Kääpiö album is released in spite of the announcement for the album from last year that might have sounded like a conclusion of their work under this name.
In fact, "Alpen Ocean" surely became the last album from our Swiss period. Then, this new album Landing Clouds is our first album after relocating to Belgium in 2011.

In this new album, the echo from distant mountains are still present. However you may also discover a marriage between the spirits in a lowland and the other ethereal ones in strata of clouds.
The sound spores of Jüppala Kääpiö have landed, and started to form an hyphae forest again.

The spontaneous compositions on side B were recorded in 2013. You may feel that our accustomed live recording method with looping devices and effectors has developed into a new phase.
On side A, the improvisations in supernatural atmospheres are one of the passages that we came across in 2014. Our physical presence in those tracks may be the clearest ever among our recordings. We don't know yet if this path will guide us to a new territory with a new name. However our musical wandering still continues into the deep of the resonant forest.

The omnimemento cassette edition is limited to 30 copies and includes download codes for mp3 and wav files.
The hand screen printed cardboard package is made by Hitoshi Kojo from scratch. The warm feel of the light box in your hand will already guide you into their sound world even before enfolding it.
Another edition will also be available from the Japanese label Neurec. This edition will be limited to 100 copies (1st edition 45) as one of the four cassettes series, which introduces Hitoshi Kojo's related works. The cover is inkjet printed on a textured semi-transparent Japanese paper, and stored in a standard cassette p-case like the three other titles of the series.

November 2014
Jüppala Kääpiö

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