My Cat Is An Alien & Jüppala Kääpiö

omnimemento edition
Track list: 1. Folded Sky (5:53), 2. Amber Stream (14:49), 3. Black Bloosom (20:46)
Format: CDR
Cover: Mirror coated paper, Various card stocks, Hand printed silk-screen
Number: Limited 50 copies (numbered on a card)
Issue: November 2014

Digital file edition
Format: 16 bit wav / 256 kbps mp3
Issue: February 2015

Neurec edition
Track list: Side A: 1. Folded Sky (5:53), 2. Amber Stream (14:49)
Side B: Black Bloosom (20:46)
Format: C45 cassette tape
Cover: Japanese paper, Inkjet print, P-case
Number: Limited 100 copies (1st edition: 45 copies)
Issue: December 2014

My Cat Is An Alien
Maurizio Opalio - self-made string instrument, effects
Roberto Opalio - wordless vocalizations, bodhran, mini-keyboard, electronic devices
recorded 2012-2013 in Torino and Western Alps, Italy
Roberto Opalio's vocals recorded December 2013
in a little chapel up at 2000 m.a.s.l. in Western Alps

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Jüppala Kääpiö
Hitoshi Kojo - glasses, toy instruments, psaltery, electric devices
Carole Kojo - vocalization, glasses
recorded 2006, 2012-2014 in Geneva and Vevey, Switzerland and Brussels, Belgium

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The vibrations from the stars are collected in their hands, embraced until becoming small crystals.

The lucid drops are poured into an amber stream, traveling with sundry minerals, then finally delivered to the eternal space.

Gigantic black petals are foamed by the enriched vibrations. The gradual blooming makes the endless darkness trembles.

The pollens have finally returned to the origin, and the flickers are waiting for the moment to be implanted in your imagination.

November 2014
Hitoshi Kojo

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