Jüppala Kääpiö

Track List: Side A: 1. Momonga Ornament (11:07), 2 Zephyr (10:03), Side B: Tomentum Totem - A Center of Steam (20:43)

Format: Imprinted C42 Cassette Tape (pro-dubbed)
Cover: Colour 3 Faces J-card (digital offset)
Number: Limited 100
Issue: Autumn 2010
Label: Peasant Magik
Catalog number: PM108


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Tomentum Totem is an essential compilation of Jüppala Kääpiö’s kaleidoscopic works from 2007 until early 2010.
"Zephyr" is taken from a home session in September 2007 in Gatineau (Canada). "Momonga Ornament" is taken from a home recording session in July 2009 in Vevey (Switzerland). "Tomentum Totem - A Center of Steam" is a part of the concert in February 2010 in Bern (Switzerland).

"Wandering sound contes” or "lamellate folklore" on the first CD "Sporing Promenade” and "pychedelic drone" on the first LP "Rainbow Mask" are now unified, and drawing brilliantly coloured sonic mandala upon the altitudes of the Alps.

In the folded jacket, a blue momonga by Carole is flying over a flowery embroidery from Kazakhstan, which is spread over the Lake Leman.


Although I do not formally know Hitoshi & Carole Kojo, after having immersed myself in the sounds of Jüppala Kääpiö’s latest release, I cannot help but feel they draw their inspirations from nature and the currents of the very aether which surrounds them.

Many of the sounds you’ll find here are, from what I can tell, acoustic and location-specific, appearing to have been left un-affected. Loops of bowed and creaking metal intertwine with meandering, operatic vocals and the sounds of bird songs, all of which layer atop one another in perfect balance, never once tipping too far into one direction or another.

Perfectly restrained, methodical and professional, the “Tomentum Totem” cassette skirts the cacophonous but never allows itself to become abrasive.

This is very intimate music. The atmosphere that Hitoshi & Carole create is deep and meditative, but often surreal and whimsical. It is rare to find work of this caliber that is not overtly dark. This alone merits a critical listen. We could all use something pretty in our lives, every once in a while. Wouldn’t you agree?

Anthony Mangicapra (The Gumshoe Grove)

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