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  • Title: Lumen
  • Artist Name: Spiracle
  • Track Title: Lumen
  • Duration: 19:17
  • Format: 3" CDr
  • Cover: 3" Jewel case
  • Issue: August 2007
  • Label: Taâlem
  • Catalog Number: alm 44

  • Location: Original Source: Kagoshima (Japan) 2004. Composition: Lavaux (Switzerland) 2005, Mooste (Estonia) Summer 2006. Re-composition and Mastering: Genéve (Switzerland) Winter 2007
  • Note: Composed in the same period with Spiracle's previous title "Ananta". As well as Ananta, this piece was composed in an intention for the listening in a particular time in a day. The object is the dawn, while Ananta is focused on just before and during the sleep. But the situation of listners is not specified for Lumen. In brief, it doesn't only mean just before waking up.

astray constellations - swallowed milky way -
sliding shooting stars in capillaries
blinking fuzzy whirls - curdled swamps -
unfolded lumens in a morning haze


Helen Scarsdale Agency

Think Andrew Chalk. Then think about Chalk's contributions to Organum.
The early '90s drone compositions may very well be the springboard for the Japanese nomad Hitoshi Kojo, who records under the moniker Spiracle.
His slow moving acoustic drones have all of the gravel throated raspiness of bowed metals, gongs, long-strings, and whatnot; but his elegant compositional sensibility shifts these growling textures into billowing, aerated movements of endless dronescaping.
A brief 20 minute piece from Spiracle, but one that could endure more than a few repeated listens.
Very nice.

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