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  • Title: Border
  • Year: 2001
  • Material: Infrared Sensors, Sound Samplers, Recorded Voice, Speakers, LED lamps, Mirrors, Roses, Pot-pourris, A Dark Room
  • Size: 500 x 700 x 250 cm
  • Expo: 2001 05 / Gallery Ginza 1 Chome

Recordings of the performance in the installation

Possible to play both together

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An installation made in a complete darkroom.
The rooms is filled with the scent of pot-pourris which were strewn on the floor.
Audiences wander in the darkness while feeling the pout-pourris under their feet, and listening to the crackling sound.
A small front room lighten by a very dim red light was set at the entrance of the installation, for the purpose to block off the light from outside.
(Photos in this page were taken in a special situation: the instensity of the light in the front room was turned up and projected in the installation)
Only the visible things that audiences can perceive are four flickering red LEDs, which are set one on each wall of the room.
A sense of distance becomes very unstable by the spectrum of the LEDs when you move.
If you approach to the LED, pre-recorded sound is triggered by an infrared sensor, and played through a small speaker that were both set just under the LED.
If you get closer at the LED, you may see very obscure vision of your face in a circle mirror and a rose in front of the mirror.

A sound performance using the oral cavity is held in the installation in every morning before opening the space. The process is overdubbed among four loop-samplers which were set at each position of LEDs.
Small microphones which are usually used for handy devices like a cellular-phone is directly connected to the samplers. The longest sampling time is about 10 seconds.
Each sampler continuously capture the sound of three other samplers in the process. The performance has been continued until the recordings become continuous sound which are filled with the resonance of the room.
Thus if four sampler are triggered at the same time, the space is filled with the organic feedback sounds and white noises.

A strange phenomenon has occurred a few times during the exhibition period: all samplers are triggered when nobody is in the installation.

Recordings in the music player in this page are taken from the sound performances. They are recordings of the 'process' of the performance, not the recoded results in the samplers.
They were recorded by a stereo microphone directly to a portable DAT recorder.
The recordings were collected on a CDR, and about 100 copies were distributed as "Border" Octpia 03 in the same year.

The Score of the Performance

The Plan of the space

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