Bottom of Light

An installation formed by three elements: "Bottleneck" (objets made by bottles and nails), "Coffin of Light" (an mirror box) and "Bottom of Light" (a sound collage made by breaking glasses).
"Bottleneck" was exhibited as a part of the installation "Black Circuit" in 1991.
"Coffin of Light" was made in 1992.
The sound collage "Bottle of Light" was remixed by Richard Rupenus of "The New Blockaders".
The piece was titled "Extrint Raag" and included in the compilation album Viva Negativa!".
Photos of "bottleneck" and other assemblages were used as materials for the package design of the album, which I was in charge.

  • Title: Bottom of Light
  • Year: 1990-92, 96
  • Material: Bottle, Nail, Mirror, Wire, Synthetic Resin, CD player, Speaker, Black Cloth, Wood Board / Recorded Sound (Breaking Glasses, Metal, Water)
  • Size: (Coffin of Light) 150 x 25 x 25 cm
  • Collection: (Bottleneck) François Kaeser

Bottom of Light (05:44 - 192kbps)

Bloxus "Extrinct Raag" - excerpt (01:49 - 192kbps)

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