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  • Title: Iris
  • Artist Name: Spiracle
  • Track Title: 1. Iris
  • Duration: 20:45
  • Label: Cloud of Statics
  • Catalog Number: cosm0502
  • Format: Semitransparent Mini-CD
  • Cover: Double Envelope
  • Issue: 2005 Feburuary
  • Number: Limited to 750 copies
  • Location: Original Source: Tokyo (Japan) Autumn 2003, Kagoshima (Japan) Spring, Grenoble (France) Summer 2004. Composition: Epesses (Switzerland) Winter 2004

seven-million years of - the cyclops' sleep

the rutile mountain - transforms to flowers

the ocean-clouds - has crossed the pangaea

becomes - a rainbow dewdrop on a petal


Aquarius Records

Taking cues from David Jackman's arsenal of growling harmonics from bowed metals, Ellen Fullman's long-stringed instruments, and Akio Suzuki's impeccable ear for tactile events, Hitoshi offers a dynamic drone composition of compacted layers of acoustic sound with slowly scraped strings amassing into a sustained drone made porous by tumbling fistfuls of sand poured out upon the floor and a weirdly compelling flanging bellow.

Chain D.L.K

this mcd is surely enough to make me drool for more! Apparently inspired by an Eastern legend, this quite lengthy single track is a hypnotic power drone probably originated by manipulated string bowing. The repetitive playing tecnique is nerve-breaking but also exhilarating, creating a fine example of hardcore minimalism lying somewhere between La Monte Young and a less electronic Colin Potter.

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