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  • Title: Evestrum
  • Artist Name: Spiracle
  • Track Title: Silver Star Side: Evestrum / White Star Side: Exusiai
  • Duration (at 33⅓ rpm): Silver Star Side: 6:45 / White Star Side: 6:35
  • Format: 7" Recoord
  • Cover: Handmade/ Calgue Paper, Cotton Wool, Thread, Gauze
  • Number: Limited to 300 copies
  • Issue: August 2010 | Digital file edition 2023
  • Label: Drone Records
  • Catalog Number: DR-100






"Spiracle" has flown over the stratosphere in "Ananta", swallowed the milky way in "Lumen", and it opens the gate to a parallel world through the astral body now.

Side A: Evestrum is formed by layered membranes of spectra that gradually shift by interference between glass harps and moderate electronic sounds. It is a sonographic report of an emergence - a subtle existence merges into a physical body and afloat to the tangible domain.

Side B: Exusiai is formed by the resonance of a Tibetan horns and metal sheets that were recorded in a dark vast basement. It is a collection of tone clusters - a warm but obscure energy that gradually infiltrates into infinite darkness like ripples.

The original materials of "Evestrum" were recorded by a 4-track cassette recorder in Kagoshima in Japan in the late 90's. Other recordings in the same period were used in "Flood" that was included in "Sympathetic Field" released in 2002.
The original materials of "Exusiai" were recorded in 2004 in Switzerland. Some other recordings in the same location were used in "The Epidemic Symphony No.9" released in 2006.
The compositions were made in 2007 in the same period with "Lumen".
The handmade cover art paradoxically represents an invisible world - a tangible object that is filled with invisible matters.
This title would be the last release of Spiracle, at least before a long dormancy.

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