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In Situ Action - Puidoux 050321

w/ Nobu Kasahara, Michael Northam, Jane Remm

In Situ Action Puidoux 050321 (27:31 - 57.4mb)

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  • Title: In Situ Action - Puidoux 050321
  • Artist Name: Hitoshi Kojo, Nobu Kasahara, Michael Northam, Jane Remm
  • Total Time: 27:31
  • Broadcast Site: Sound of Space
  • Date: March 2009
  • Format: MP3
  • Recorded Date: 21 March 2005
  • Recording Location: A deserted house which was in a few hundred meteres up a cliff from a highway in Puidoux in Switzerland.
  • Sound Objects: a bed, chairs, broken glasses, a cupboard, sofas, walls, etc... and partly with some small instruments: flutes, horns, a kalimba, and a contact microphone with a small battery supplied speaker.
  • Note1: During the recording, Nobu was acting like an hundred years old man, and Jane was acting like a wicked elf.
  • Note2: This MP3 was edited by Hitoshi Kojo in January 2008 for Paulo Raposo's internet radio program "Sound of Space".

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