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  • Title: Mogari
  • Time: 01:00 (loop)
  • Format: QuickTime Video
  • Release: June 2008
  • Location: Video: Ohaio(USA), Gatineau(Canada) in 2007 / Sound: Cully(Switzerland) in 2005
  • Note1: The first version was made for a festival of media and time based art "Sguardi Sonori 2008", in Italy
  • Note2: The Video in this page is the second version
  • Collection: The first version became a collection of Casoria International Contemporary Art Museum in Italy

This video piece was made by the request of a festival of media and time based art "Sguardi Sonori 2008". Then I had been staying in a rural town in Mongolia, and it was in the middle of the blackout period which had finally continued more than 3 weeks...
During the period, the electricity was available only for a few hours in the morning in an university, and a post office which provides also a public internet connection. Of couse, those had to be shared with everyone. So, I had to consider the minimum process to make the piece.
The condition of the length of the work was between one and six minutes, and those were meant to be played in loops as an installation. So, I made the piece in the minumum condition.

The second version in this page has a second layer which could not be made in Mongolia, because of the limited situaion. However the idea was in my mind since the begining. Therefore I would take this version as the original.
The first version was only a straight shot by a digital camera, which was taken from a car when we were passing through a coloured forest in North U.S. in an Autumn with Michael Northam.

The original material of the sound part was taken from a recording of the blowing wind on/through a signboard on a street. Such a sound like a flute is called "Mogari-bue"(Mogari-flute) in Japan. "Mogari" means a kind of irrational force, also a period of the farewell to the dead in ancient Japan.
The cause of the blackout in Mongolia was a strong wind as well.

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