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High Tide Mirror

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  • Title: High Tide Mirror
  • Artist: Hitoshi Kojo
  • Track Title: 1. Interstellar Creepers (7:09), 2. Seminal Weavers (3:28), 3. Unlaced Constellations (10:19), 4. Lunar Germination (9:11), 5. High Tide Mirror (12:07), 6. Subterranean Ocean (3:29)
  • Format: CD
  • Cover: Double envelope / Hand printed silk screen on 300g card stock
  • Number: First edition: 200 copies (numbered)
  • Issue: October 2012
  • Label: omnimemento / Shining Day
  • Catalog Number: om 06 / shine 12

  • Recorded live sets in autumn 2010 in Vevey Switzerland and Lyon France. Edited in winter 2011 in Brussels Belgium.
  • There are three versions of the cover's colour; pale purple, deep purple, dark blue.


Inner resonance of planets... harmonies made from the distances between planets... melodies generated by their circular dances...
Our bodies can become a receiver of cosmic music when we connect our roots to certain places on earth. However the electromagnetic field on the surface of the earth is unduly interfered nowadays. So our sympathetic ability is heavily oppressed by the violent moiré.
First, shall we let ourselves synchronize with the flow of the earth’s fundamental magnetic field, immerse ourselves into the tonal dance with the sun and the moon? Then each of us will spontaneously begin to oscillate a unique vibration according to our character. It is the fundamental tone that becomes part of the universal harmony, and the first step to participate in the circular dance of the celestial orbs.


Igloo Magazine

A singular sound, most recently enjoyed on Animala Corolla by Jüppala Kääpiö, basically the same song under a different mantle. Both sound like the first sounds ever made by the planet and the last ones that will ever be heard.
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Musique Machine

The Japanese born, Belgium resident, Hitoshi Kojo describes himself as a 'sound-painter'. It suggests an audio exploratory form of abstract expressionism - a far less cluttered and confused realm than the more constricting, less meaningful tribal genre tags he undoubtedly encounters such as drone or dark ambient.
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Volcanic Tongue

Gorgeous new CD from Kojo, one-half of the amazing environmental drone/ritualists Kodama, presented in a deluxe silkscreened card package with inner screened sleeve and die-cut detail in a hand-numbered edition of 200 copies: this is cosmic, organic drone work that moves through violent storms that sound like distant recordings of the surface activity in variously imagined universes through the sound of whale song in space and a gloriously hi-fi take on the kind of epic ascension style of early Skaters.
There are various nods to Taj Mahal Travellers, Coil and the deep field visions of Hermann Nitsch but this is a singularly beautiful statement of psychedelic/cosmo bliss that lines up with classics of the form like Axolotl’s amazing Telesma in terms of a profound reconciliation of fleshy cosmic eternities and brain-razzing electro detail.
Sudden rushes of microtone thick drone trail into the distance while ancient sounding horn calls, mouth harp, hurdy gurdy tones and forlorn morse code melodies circle like the Third Ear Band soundtrack Space Is The Place in a higher key specifically designed to ‘speak’ to aquatic alien life-forms. And when Kojo adds the odd human gasp or held vocal tone the effect is tectonic.
Sublime organic eternal music with one foot in ritual folk forms and the other in the pool of the cosmos. An amazing side, highly recommended!

David Keenan


KFJC 89.7 FM

Power drone of the highest calibre. Flecked with bits of organic found sound, but the electronics on this are an exercise in audio hypnosis. Little eddies and vortices of sound spiral through your headphones. Time moves out in all directions.
The title track shimmers with sustain until about four minutes in a chord descends/emerges. It feels like a blanket being laid down upon you. Histoshi’s drones are never stark, nor mono-focused, but deftly filled with color and slow evolution. I’ve seen some of this photographs which capture nature in decay but simultaneously spawning more life, and that’s what is music captures.
Water washes in and out of pieces, and a jaw harp burbles through “Seminal Weavers.” Processed voice comes in gossamer whispers, blending with the keyboards. voice is most present as mini-mantra on “Unlaced Constellations.” Is that bowed nyckleharp on “Lunar Germinations” skittering of some sort, fast yet steady like hummingbird wings. A guitar can crash like the ocean, a synth is a satellite is an owl.
Turntables and tide tables both influence this transplanted Japanese artist working in Belgium currently, but he’s clearly a citizen of the earth, water and sky.
A co-release on his own imprint with Shining Day, with packaging that shows the emptiness of mp3s. Thanks Hitoshi!

Thurston Hunger

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