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  • Expo: 9th Abiko Open-air Art Exhibtion
  • Place: Aijima Art Center, Chiba (Japan)
  • Date: 4 - 19 November 2006
  • Material: Various colours of cotton strings
  • Note: A sound performance "Clinamen Tides" was performed for the vernisage of the exhibition with John Grzinich and Evelyn Müürsepp

A text for the pamphlet of "9th Abiko Open-air Art Exhibtion"

Myself, home, country, the conscious borders we have. I am interested in the process by which these borders are transformed through various experiences.
For instance, when somthing calmly touches the skin, I feel this strongly, but with a fuzziness of the border in same time. I think it is an experience of taking out "I" from the outside from me rather than feeling the "I" in me.
I often use sound as an element of my art work. One of the reasons is that the sound can soak directly into the listener, and it has a property to dissolve piled and stiffened remembrances.
Since the outdoors was an essential condition of this exhibition, I wanted to present a space where people who have their own borders can directly enter the vagueness of the space and experience the fuzziness of the border.
Since the space 'the forest of Ajima' has always been filled with suitable sounds that we could allow to be soaked into, breezing bamboo leaves, voice of insects, birds, etc... I didn't feel the necessity to add new sounds or some devices to focus on a specific sound in the space. So, I arranged the colours which flow in the space, tangle in the light and touch directly to our skin, in order to make a chance to feel the space consciously.
Since rain continued in the first days of the runup, I think the impression of a phantom rainbow welled up in the back of my mind which also had a big influence on this work.

There was a stong windy day in the first half period of the exposition. Then, most of the thousand several hundred of colour strings in the space were blown and were tangled in the surrounding bamboo grove. Although the opportunity of audience's experience that to pass through the space, to touch the sting directly and to feel the colour was lost, another my interest which to capture uncontrollable nature phenomenon was realized in much better condition than my expectation.

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