Sound installation for Water Castle in Quilow

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Zen Konkret

Klangkunst aus Japan und Deutshland

(Sound art of Japan and Germany)

Sound Document - MP3 (9:10 - 192kbps)

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  • Place: Wasserschloss, Quilow (Germany)
  • Date: 6 June - 23 August
  • Participants: Rolf Julius, Hitoshi Kojo, Anne Krickeberg, Rie Nakajima, Johannes S. Sistermanns, Miki Yui
  • Curater : Jörg Hascheider
  • Organizer : Nicola Von Amsberg
  • Sponsor : Stiftung Kulturerbe
  • Technical Support : Penko Stoitschev

Lost memory of the sea in 'water castle'

A north wind from the Baltic Sea, endless murmurings of woods
A swarm of bees around a hidden honey stock, blinking crickets in bushes
Low drone of airplanes, cars, motorcycles
and conversations, laughter

Birds change the songs by the movement of the sun

The hollows are filled with the feedback of silence

The tower is continuously penetrated by the sonic vibrations
from openings on the top which are set toward four directions
The harmonized resonance are amplified in the coelom
then diffused through eight tuned tentacles swaying in the wind

Can the tide bring us the memory of the ancient sea
which are deeply embedded in the land and ourselves

Sea Migration

Works of other participants and the situations

Inside of the castle and the environment

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