A 8 channels sound installation on a night beach

  • Participation: Art symposium 'Inimloomaaed / Human zoo'
  • Place: the shore of Mooste Lake in Estonia
  • Date: 13 August 2006
  • Original duration: Several hours
  • Material: Metal turbine cover
  • Equipment: 4 x portable media player, 4 x portable amplified stereo speakers

  • Sound Document - MP3 (2:26 - 160kbps)

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This work was created during a stay at MoKS center for art and social practice in Estonia in July and August 2006, and was presented during the PostsovkhoZ6 art symposium, also at MoKS, in August of the same year.

The only sound source is a large cylindrical metal object, probably once used as a turbine, that was found in an old barn beside the center.
A composition for multiple speaker systems was made under the influence of a tranquil lake near the center, which could easily have been a setting from an Andrei Tarkovsky film.

Although the composition was faithfully made by intuition, the reflection of the trees on the lake could have been a score for the piece.

The composition was played from the shore of the lake through four portable stereo speaker systems over several hours at night.
Since each stereo track varies in length from fifteen minutes to thirty minutes, the sound changed and phased constantly over the duration of the installation, creating an endless sonic space.
Listeners experienced this sonic space either laying in the sand on the beach or swimming in the lake.

* Shiranui is a Japanese particular noun of a kind of mirage which appears in Yatsushiro Sea.


* The animated images are not relared with the actual environment of the installation.

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