Video/Sound Live-Installation

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Collaboration with
Katherine Liberovskaya

White Box (NYC)
30 April 2007

A video excerpt from first half part of the performance

Camera: Peter Shapiro

audio excerpt 1 - MP3 (3:04 - 160kbps)

audio excerpt 2 - MP3 (3:12 - 160kbps)

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Photo: Peter Shapiro (except 01, 02)

  • Place: White Box Gallery, New York
  • Date: 30 April 2007
  • Katherine Liberovskaya: Live video / Jitter and live cameras
  • Hitoshi Kojo: Live sound / Found objects, loopers and multiple tuning forks
  • Organized by Charlie Morrow and Michael Shumacher "the new composers series: sound in changing context"
  • Thanks to Phill Niblock and "Experimental Intermedia" for the studio and the residence

This work was composed in real time via found objects collected beforehand in the city.
These objects and materials were chosen in relation to interesting sound producing properties as well as visual qualities.
We served as both object and subject of the installation-performance which lasted over 2 hours with the help of microphones, samplers, various cameras and live processing software, the manipulation formed the body of the sound and the content of the image within an audio-visual dialogue in constant flux.

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