Kumoma / Shigemi / Mogari

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Mogari (04:00 - 7.6mb)

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  • Title: Kumoma / Shigemi / Mogari
  • Time: Each 4:00
  • Released Site: compost and height
  • On-line: From March 2009
  • Format: Free Download MP3
  • Note: All compositions are based on field recordings in the origin

  • Kumoma

  • Recording: Kagoshima(Japan), Lausanne(Switzerland) in 2004
  • Composition: Epesses(Switzerland) in 2006

  • Shigemi

  • Recording: Toscania(Italy) Kagoshima(Japan) in 2005, Nyon(Switzerland) in 2006
  • Composition: Cully(Switzerland) in 2006

  • Mogari

  • Recording: Cully(Switzerland) in 2005
  • Composition: Kagoshima(Japan) in 2006
  • Note: Another mix was used for a short video piece in same title, which I offered to a media art festival in Italy "Squardi Sonori 2008" later.

These pieces were originally composed for a compilation album of and/OAR label Yasujiro Ozu - Hitokomakura that was released in 2007.

The participants were ordered to make the piece based on the stills of Ozu's movies. His movies were based on so-called ordinary daily life of old days in Japan. At least it was my impression of his movies, even though the reality of my daily life in Japan was totally different...
So, it was an interesting challenge for me to see, how I can work in the gap of the reality. However it was much more difficult to adapt his movie's image to my work than I had expected.
I needed to make up seven pieces until an acceptable one was made. Now I can say, all the other pieces were funnily different from the image of Ozu's movie. Dale Lloyd(and/OAR) told me that some of them might have been suitable for the previous compilation of his label for the movies of Andrei Tarkovsky.
Since three of them sounded listenable as they were, I decided to release them at "compost and height" web-blog later.

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