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  • Title: Agave
  • Artist: Hitoshi Kojo
  • Track list: Side A: 1. Aerial Roots (5:59), 2. Dendrite (5:05), 3. Fire Garden (8:44), 4. Fossil Wind (5:01)
    Side B: 1. Agave (24:58)
  • Format: Digital file (mp3/wav) / C50 cassette tape (as a part of Meteoric Eyes, incl. download code)
  • Number: Cassette tape: 50 copies
  • Cover: 315gsm card stock, hand printed silk-screen
  • Issue: October 2016
  • Label: omnimemento
  • Catalog Number: om 16

  • Recorded and composed:
    A1. 2004 Lavaux Kagoshima, 2014 Brussels
    A2. 2011 2014 Brussels
    A3. 1997 Kagoshima
    A4. 2006 Mooste, 2014 Brussels
    B1. 2005 Lavaux, 2006 Kagoshima, edited 2015 Brussels
    by Hitoshi Kojo
  • Drawing and print: 2016 by Hitoshi Kojo
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Meteoric Eyes

Meteoric Eyes is a set of three cassette tapes that contains Agave, Quantum Lament and Eclosion. The physical copies of these titles are only available as a part of this set.
The number is limited to 50 copies. Each set has the number and the signature of Hitoshi Kojo on the interior surface of the handmade hardcover.

Direct sale: omnimemento shop (Belgium)

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